To choose the animations I wanted to explore in my essay I looked at some popular animations from the time period as well as an animation suggested by Anna.

The animations I used in my essay were…

‘Jungle Jitters’

I chose this animation because of the way it portrays African culture, where it is viewed by America that they are cannibals who play bongo drums. This was seen as entertainment in America during the 1930’s and is still relevant in the way Africans are shown in animation today and the effect it has had, and still has on society.


I chose this animation as the original released version included a segment where a character, Sunflower, depicted as a hybrid between a donkey and a young black girl, is seen performing servant duties for other pastel coloured centaurettes, as seen above. This scene was later removed which also caused a lot of controversy.

‘Yellow Fever’

I chose this animation because it is relevant to today’s society and shows the effects of racism on people in today’s society who are dissatisfied with the colour of their skin and take extreme steps to change it.

There is another animation I would have looked at in my essay, but due to the wordcount I wouldn’t have been able to explore it, and I didn’t want to make a short reference to it as it could have been confusing for the reader. The other example was Disney’s ‘The Princess and The Frog’ which I wanted to use as there was a big reaction when it was released.

The examples I have chosen will be explored further in my essay.



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