I chose to work on Ola’s project and he gave me 5 short animations he wanted me to work on. He had already done the basic animation and wanted me to do the final linework for it. I was working on animations with his character Mona.

Part of the reason I wanted to work on his project was because of the background he had drawn, and after telling him that I would like to experiment with this he allowed me to colour one of the backgrounds.

When I first spoke to him about the project he gave me some examples of colours and art direction that he had in mind. Due to other deadlines he was aware I wouldn’t be able to help him until I was finished. When I met with him again he told me that he had decided that the animation would be done in black and white/grey-scale.

I decided to do the animations first before working on the background. I spoke to Ola each day to let him know how I was progressing. It worked out that I was able to get 1/2 to 1 animation done each day. When I had 4 finished I sent them to Ola for him to check over. As it was the weekend I was going to continue the next one later that day after taking a break. He then told me that I didn’t need to complete the last one as he had decided to cut it from his final animation, and the background wasn’t going to be coloured.

I had already begun the background, so what I have done is below. I also told him that if there was any other parts he needed help with I would do so, or improvements to what I had already done. He was happy with what I had done for him so I didn’t need to make improvements.

Overall I enjoyed working on this project. Ola explained what he needed me to do, and he would regularly check on my progress and make sure it was going ok. He told me not to be too stressed about the work and to loosen up about the line work, it didn’t need to be perfect. I feel like I have learned quite a bit about prioritising my workload and getting the work done in a set amount of time. I didn’t feel as stressed working on this project as I did working on some of my own projects during the year. I especially enjoyed working on the background as I was able to experiment and decide the way I wanted it to look myself. I think this was a good way to end the year.


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